• Image of Shower Steamers: Breathe (5pk)

You will receive 5 shower steamers in a zipper barrier pouch. When sealed properly this pouch will keep moisture out and also help keep your shower steamers retain their scent.

They are small fizzy discs or tablets you place in your shower to enhance your showering experience by giving you an aromatheraputic steam. As it fizzes and effervesces, the essential oils on them float up into the steam, giving you an aromatherapeutic steam that can help with congestion and stuffy nose, combating illness, help calm and soothe you, or even wake you up.

BREATHE: An invigorating herbal blend of menthol crystals and eucalyptus. These steamers are designed to bring relief to sinus ailments brought on by colds, flu, sinus infections and allergies.

AWAKEN: A refreshing blend of citrus, mint and floral notes to create an uplifting shower experience! Designed to energize you.

SLEEP WELL: Filled with lavender essential oil and hints of floral to help soothe and relax you.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Citric Acid, Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil, Witch Hazel, FD&C colorant.

Weight: 5.4 ozs.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place a shower steamer on the floor in back/corner of your shower away from direct stream of water and let it dissolve slowly. You can also place it in a small dish on a shelf within the stall making sure warm water activates it and it will gradually dissolve while releasing its vapors. You can also use the steamer tablet outside of the shower by placing it in a bowl of hot water and sitting next to it as you breathe in the aromatic vapor.

WARNING: NOT INTENDED FOR BATHTUB USE. If adverse reactions occur please discontinue use immediately.

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